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Quality Assurance


Quality Assurance

An uncompromising quality has been the prime focus since our inception. We strive to offer superior quality machinery and excellent services to our customers in the best possible manner.

We continually look forward to ensure complete satisfaction with regard to our manufacturing process and technology that ultimately yield our products. We are conscious in procuring premium quality raw material such as stainless steel and other spare parts and components for the manufacturing of equipments. Furthermore, we assure that all the machines are subjected to thorough tests at every single stage of production process. It is this very concern that has enabled our products to comply with ISO standards and thus compete with the international standards.

  • 600x600 Surface Table
  • 0-300 Baker Digital Ht.Gauge
  • 0-200 Mitutoyo digital Vernier
  • 0-300 Insize Dial Vernier
  • 0-600 Yamoya Vernier
  • 50-100 Mitutoya inside stick Mic
  • 10-18.5 Mitutoyo Bore dial
  • 18-35 Mitutoya Bore Dial
  • 35-50 and 50-150 Range Bore Dial
  • 0-300 Range of Outside Micrometer